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"Vintage-late-'90s emo from the local up-and-comers — the mathy, screamy No Idea Records kind, not the pop-punk kind."
- Pittsburgh City Paper

"From the moment I pressed play on Side A until this cassette ended, I was engrossed but somehow not sure what to describe this as exactly. It’s not quite pop punk, and it’s not quite screamo but it is somewhere in between those two ideas for sure. The lyrics are right on..."

" is very rare that I find myself enjoying something I’ve reviewed for Funeral Sounds and continue to listen to it after the fact, but these songs are just so encapsulating I can’t help to have them on repeat."


released 28 March 2014

Dylan Chieffalo -Drums and Vocals
Jacob Campbell - Guitar and Vocals

Written by Dylan Chieffalo and Jacob Campbell

Recorded by Tyler Brown

Mixed by Tyler Brown and Jacob Campbell

Mastered by Matt Very @ Very Tight Recordings (

Artwork concept, layout, and design by Aetoric Design (
Original photography by Olivia Ciotoli (

"I Won't" sample from Twin Peaks
"Some Monkey Banana Bullshit" sample from Dogma



all rights reserved


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Whoovez Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We get a sad on it.

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Track Name: Fat Kid with a Camera
I wish I had a palm tree in my room. I'd soak up the sun behind the glass, comfy and fat on my ass. Won't go anywhere if I don't. Then I'll head to the city. Soak up the warm rays and vitamin D. Sweaty and healthy, my shirts sticking to my back. Welcome to college knowledge jam-packed inside plastic wrapped paper back books I never look at. Wanna match me on a blunt when my Dad goes to sleep? I've got 8 1/2 Gs to get me through the week. 
Track Name: I Won't
I See you, and I want you to see me too. Lie to me, and I'll just lie to you too. Hate me, and I'll just hate you too. Anything you can do, I won't.
Track Name: Do You Have a Kurt Vonnegut Book in Your Backpack?
After just waking up, I confided in the internet to sweep me away from this post-dream hurt. And after my walls opened up, what I kept locked inside took over. The first time love fell on me, I told her to get the hell off. When I get there, I start to panic. I get scared just for the rush. Heroin addicts and adrenaline junkies don't intimidate me at all. You never want it if its not that easy. I'll blow you off once after this I'm in too deep to pull you out of me. You're so deep. I heard you're missing me, and I feel you reading me. I feel you when you're not around. Heroin addicts and adrenaline junkies don't intimidate me at all. I'll sleep, and wake up. 
Track Name: MTV Night Vision
She said she saw it, but it wasn't that big. Remember when I drove home? Nobody wanted to. I'll take a year off try to grow goku hair. The Saiyans are coming on a spherical ship, because Kakorat's power is over 9000. This hyperbolic time chamber is getting old. I'm getting out. You take me from here. A year or two has fucking past. I'm so fucking strong. I'll take a year off. Try to grow Goku hair. 
Track Name: Federal Law Requires Me to Kiss You Right on the Lips
Drove off the top of a parking garage. Crashed into your dorm room, and revved the engine 'til it died. This is what it sounds like when you pass out on me. I'm not trying to kill you. I am crushing on you. He's eating his problems. He's reading his poems. If he goes to school on time, he'll get picked on. And its not like she cares, and its not my concern. It only lasts ten minutes, but I would buy a few. Its 2 am. You're in my bed. You never looked nice, and there's something that needs to be said. Up the nose, in the vein, it's all about the buzz. In my blood to my brain. We do it just because the buzz. 
Track Name: Some Monkey Banana Bullshit
I still have this memory of me and you. I'm done with my eyes. Eye lashes are hard to grow. I've been trying to see the brighter side of being pretty, but you won't talk to me. Hey I can't remember the days run together. Got my live in homies that don't know me. Buy the beer at the show. Drink the beer at the show. I'm a liar spending time at home. You tried to change me. Didn't change anything (at all). Fuck this fucking bullshit. Keep in mind all the things I said in michigan. I Hate you. On the same street the whole time the same street. Now you can stop time. Don't breathe whiskey on nice men. Wake up earlier than you have before. You say its three I'm counting four. I'm here all day and all night. It always turns into a fight. I hate you. If you feel you've ever let someone down and finally let somebody down so far down don't stop talking to them or looking towards their general side of the room. You'll only think about them twice as much to make up for the ice cold shoulder. But it's 72 degrees in the room so the rest of them are gonna move. If you don't like what he's saying, I bet it's cause he's not saying it to you. Old drunk guys on bikes in the daytime coasting next to the bike lane down the sidewalk.
Track Name: Keepwalking,Bye
3000 channels, nothing to watch. 10k songs, nothing to bump. 3 billion people, no one to talk to. I guess I'll stay home for now...Fuck that. If I leaned out my window and yelled "You can't defend yourself!" the world would echo "We Know!" And I keep writing songs about how I don't miss you, but if I'm still writing them, I guess I still do. Just keep on walking bye, so I can pass you up. and If I ever see you around these parts again, it won't feel the same as it did before - no part of me wants you anymore. You're ordinary with a little bit extra, and I'm as high as my standards are set. How are we meant to be when we're meant to be free? Theres a difference between tossing a side and saving for later, its better. And I keep writing songs about how I don't miss you, but if I'm still writing them, I guess I still do.